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Basin Scale Opportunity Assessment

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The goal of this U.S. Department of Energy-funded initiative is to develop an approach to hydropower and environmental assessment that emphasizes sustainable energy systems within the context of basin-wide environmental protection and restoration, focusing on low-impact or small hydropower and related renewable energy. Assessments will treat the basin as an integrated system and identify opportunities or scenarios in which hydropower generation or value could be increased while simultaneously improving environmental conditions in the basin.

Collaborative opportunity assessments will investigate a suite of potential hydropower and environmental opportunities depending on the needs and interests of basin stakeholders (agencies, tribes, industry, environmental groups, and other interested parties). Opportunity assessments will be centered around two primary hydrology values in the basin—energy and environment. However, stakeholders from the irrigation, recreational, and other water user groups must also be involved to ensure that assessments are feasible within the context of their existing water rights. Opportunities for hydro and environmental improvements may also be seen as beneficial to these groups.

Activities are intended to complement current initiatives or existing agreements pertaining to facilities and river-basins by providing additional tools, information, and/or research for stakeholders. Opportunity assessments aim to be informational; stakeholders will not be bound to implement the actions identified in the opportunity assessments.

Year 1 Report

FY 2013

Basin Scale Opportunity Assesment