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Climate change impacts on rivers (CIOR) tools


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Climate Change Impacts on Rivers tool (CIOR) is a hybrid modeling system being assembled to simulate effects of climate variability on riverine ecosystems and hydropower production. The system links modeling codes that simulate watershed hydrology (DHSVM), reservoir hydrodymaics and water quality (CEQUALW2), and ecosystem processes (AQUATOX).

Geographic Location

The linked models are being setup and implemented for the Clearwater River Basin and Dworshak Dam; the approach is transferrable to other basins with appropriate data


Watershed hydrology inputs same as DHSVM-MASS1; reservoir bathymetry, hydrology, water quality, trophic structure; river channel bathymetry, hydrology, water quality, trophic structure


Time series of hydrology, water quality and food webs

Linkage to Other Models

Can be linked to DHSVM-MASS1, CE-QUAL-W2, AQUATOX

Level of Effort

This collection of tools is under development and not available for immediate use; requires expertise in hydrology, hydraulics, water quality, aquatic ecology

Basin Scale Opportunity Assesment