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River2D is a two dimensional depth averaged finite element hydrodynamic model that has been customized for fish habitat evaluation studies. The River2D model suite actually consists of four programs: R2D_Bed , R2D_Ice, R2D_Mesh and River2D. All three programs have graphical user interfaces that are supported by any 32 bit version of Windows. R2D_Bed, R2D_Ice, and R2D_Mesh are graphical file editors. R2D_Bed was designed for editing bed topography data while R2D_Ice is intended for developing ice topographies to be used in the modelling of ice-covered domains. The R2D_Mesh program is used for the development of computational meshes that will ultimately be input for River2D.

Geographic Location

Not region specific within the range of hydraulic rules to model depth and velocity.


Input includes field measurements of depth, velocity, cover, substrate and stream discharge


Cross section results of input parameters and a summary statistic of physical habitat over a range of flows

Linkage to Other Models

Level of Effort

Expertise required to do the field surveys, input data into the model subroutines, run the software and interpret results. Additional expertise needed in ARCGIS to conduct more sophisticated analyses with the spatial output from River 2D.

Basin Scale Opportunity Assesment