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Major System Improvements Analysis (MSIA)


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The MSIA Mmodel to simulates fish passage and survival for screening of operations and configurations (structures). In combination with simulation tools, it provides ability to evaluate uncertainty and sensitivity. The model consists of four kinds of spreadsheet modules: information, decision, data input, and model output. The information sheets provide brief descriptions of the spreadsheet functions and model operations. Selections of operations, route flows (e.g., normal bay, RSW, training, powerhouse, SBC), effectiveness, and enhancements, etc., are determined on the decision sheets. Project and route flows, diel values, powerhouse limits, effectiveness/efficiency values, survival values, and other data can be modified on the data input sheets. The output sheets summarize survival, cost, and revenue values.

Geographic Location

The model is specific to the Columbia River basin with emphasis on federal facilities. Developed by the company Decision Support for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


Route-specific passage relationships and survival rates


List of scenarios ranked by survival, economics, power generation, etc and other parameters specified by the user.

Linkage to Other Models

Produces outputs that are useful in Ddecision Mmodeling.

Level of Effort

Requires information about numerous routes.

Basin Scale Opportunity Assesment